Giveaway Submission Rules

Thanks for your interest in submitting a giveaway to BestOfGleam. We only publish giveaways which meet all of the following conditions:

  • The giveaway must be on and not break any of their rules.
  • The giveaway description must be in English.
  • The giveaway must have a specific end date (eg, it can not be one which ends when there’s a certain number of entries/subscribers).
  • The giveaway must have at least 1 prize worth $150 or more.
  • The giveaway prize(s) must not be a fake/imitation of another product (no fake iPhones, counterfeit luxury watches, etc).
  • The giveaway prize(s) must not contain weapons, drugs, adult content, medical devices, prescription items, or items which encourage gambling, drugs, or smoking
  • The giveaway must have at least one method to enter which is completely free.
  • The winner of the giveaway must be chosen at random, and not selected based upon the number of entries
  • We do not allow newly established cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency airdrops

Not all giveaways submitted to BestOfGleam will be published. Giveaways which don’t appeal to a wide audience or are region-locked may be rejected.

If you are unsure if your giveaway follows these rules you may submit it anyway. If the rules are broken we simply won’t post your giveaway: no other action will be taken.

You can submit a giveaway for free using the BestOfGleam Giveaway Promotion Service

Each giveaway submitted to BestOfGleam can only be published once and newer giveaways push older giveaways further down the list. Sponsored giveaways can be stuck to the top of the homepage for additional exposure.