In  this international giveaway which ends on the 8th March 2018 you can win LIRIK’s CHRONOS Stream PC. This machine valued at 3.000 USD features Intel Core i7 6700K, 32GB RAM, 6TB HDD including 2 x 1TB SSDs and an Elgato HD60 Pro capture card.

Play this giveaway and get this cool machine which is small in footprint, but big in power.
Good luck.

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1 Ethereum (ETH) worth ~$930

1 Ethereum worth around $930 Giveaway header

Many people have heard of Bitcoin, but there are many other cryptocurrencies available including Ethereum. At the time of writing, 1 Ethereum (ETH) is worth slightly over $933 but the prices are volatile and could increase/decrease at any time.

Thanks to this giveaway, you could win 1 ETH which you can choose to hold onto or sell immediately. This giveaway ends on the 23rd February 2018 and is open internationally. You can enter using the link below for your chance to win.

Xbox One, Playstation 4 & Nintendo Switch

Xbox One, Playstation 4 & Nintendo Switch Giveaway header

Thanks to this amazing giveaway you could win a Microsoft Xbox One, a Sony Playstation 4, or a Nintendo Switch. A total of three winners will be chosen to receive a prize.

This giveaway ends on the 20th February 2018 so enter quickly using the link below for a chance to win.

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This giveaway ended on Monday 19 February 2018 at 17:50:50